Firmware Update


Your configuration will be erased during a firmware update. See Configuration Backup if you want to keep it.

To update the ODrive to the newest firmware release, simply open up a terminal and run the following command:

odrivetool dfu

This will wait for an ODrive to be connected and then check online for the latest stable firmware release for your ODrive version.

ODrive control utility v0.6.1.post0
Waiting for ODrive...
Checking online for latest ODrive Pro v4.4-58V firmware on channel master...
Found compatible firmware (0.6.1). Install now? [Y/n]

You should then seem a prompt to confirm installation, type y and Enter to continue:

Downloading firmware...
Putting device ************ into DFU mode...
Erasing... done
Flashing... done
Verifying... done
Waiting for the device to reappear...
Device firmware update successful.

Other Options

  • Install firmware from our semi-stable development channel:

    odrivetool dfu --channel devel
  • Install a specific firmware version (0.6.1 in this example):

    odrivetool dfu --version 0.6.1
  • Install a local firmware file:

    odrivetool dfu firmware.elf

    You can manually download firmware files from here.


    Make sure the selected firmware file matches your hardware version! There are no checks in place to prevent you from installing incompatible firmware.


For users migrating from ODrive v3.x, it may be necessary to remove any/all drivers installed with Zadig utility. Detailed instructions can be found here.

On some machines you will need to unplug and plug back in the USB cable to make the PC understand that we switched from regular mode to bootloader mode.

Forcing DFU Mode

If the DFU script can’t find the device, try forcing it into DFU mode:

  1. Flick the DIP switch that says “DFU, RUN” to “DFU” and power cycle the board.

  2. After you’re done upgrading firmware, don’t forget to put the switch back into the “RUN” position and power cycle the board again.