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High performance motor control

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ODrive 〉Motor 〉CurrentControl


p_gain  —  float32    readwrite

i_gain  —  float32    readwrite

v_current_control_integral_d  —  float32    readwrite

v_current_control_integral_q  —  float32    readwrite

Ibus  —  float32    readwrite

final_v_alpha  —  float32    readwrite

final_v_beta  —  float32    readwrite

Id_setpoint  —  float32    readwrite

Iq_setpoint  —  float32    readonly

Iq_measured  —  float32    readwrite

Id_measured  —  float32    readwrite

I_measured_report_filter_k  —  float32    readwrite

max_allowed_current  —  float32    readonly

overcurrent_trip_level  —  float32    readonly

acim_rotor_flux  —  float32    readwrite

async_phase_vel  —  float32    readonly

async_phase_offset  —  float32    readwrite


This interface has no functions.