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Migration Guide

Certain changes occurred between firmware versions v0.4.12 and v0.5.1 that will break existing configurations. This document is a guide for how to take a working v0.4.12 ODrive config and change it to work with firmware v0.5.1.

Unit Changes

ODrive now uses units of [turns], [turns/s], and [turns/s^2] instead of [counts], [counts/s], and [counts/s^2]. In addition, the motor controller class now has an input command of torque in [Nm] instead of current in [Amps]. In general, every user-facing parameter that has to do with position or velocity is affected by the unit change.

Note: For the torque to be in correct in [Nm] you need to configure the motor.config.torque_constant. See the updated getting started for more details.

Control Parameter Names

ODrive now uses input_pos, input_vel, and input_torque as commands instead of pos_setpoint, vel_setpoint, and current_setpoint


For a working v0.4.12 ODrive configuration, use the following equations to convert parameters as required.

For other values, [turns] = [counts] / [encoder cpr]. Converting [counts/s] and [counts/s^2] is similar.

Affected Variables