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High performance motor control

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GPIO primary step/dir other
GPIO1 UART TX Axis0 Step Analog input, PWM input
GPIO2 UART RX Axis0 Dir Analog input, PWM input
GPIO3   Axis1 Step (+) Analog input, PWM input
GPIO4   Axis1 Dir (+) Analog input, PWM input
GPIO5     Analog input (*)
GPIO6 (*)      
GPIO7 (*)   Axis1 Step (*)  
GPIO8 (*)   Axis1 Dir (*)  

(+) on ODrive v3.4 and earlier
(*) ODrive v3.5 and later


Pin function priorities

  1. PWM in, if enabled. Disabled by default.
  2. UART, Enabled by default.
  3. Step/Dir, if enabled. Disabled by default.
  4. Analog, default behavior if not overridden (only on supported pins).
  5. Digital in, default behavior on pins not capable of analog input.

For predictable results, try to have only one feature enabled for any one pin. When changing pin assignments you must:

Analog input

Analog inputs can be used to measure voltages between 0 and 3.3V. Odrive uses a 12 bit ADC (4096 steps) and so has a maximum resolution of 0.8 mV. Some GPIO pins require the appropriate pin priority (see above) to be set before they can be used as an analog input. To read the voltage on GPIO1 in odrive tool the following would be entered: odrv0.get_adc_voltage(1)