ODrive Reference

class ODrive
test_function(delta) int

delta (int) –

get_adc_voltage(gpio) float

Reads the ADC voltage of the specified GPIO. The GPIO should be in GPIO_MODE_ANALOG_IN.}


gpio (int) –

save_configuration() bool

Saves the current configuration to non-volatile memory and reboots the board.


Resets all config variables to their default values and reboots the controller


Reboots the controller without saving the current configuraiton


Enters the Device Firmware Update mode

get_interrupt_status(irqn) int

Returns information about the specified interrupt number.


irqn (int) – -12…-1: processor interrupts, 0…239: NVIC interrupts

get_dma_status(stream_num) int

Returns information about the specified DMA stream.


stream_num (int) – 0…7: DMA1 streams, 8…15: DMA2 streams

get_gpio_states() int

Returns the logic states of all GPIOs. Bit i represents the state of GPIOi.

get_drv_fault() int

Clear all the errors of this device including all contained submodules.

error: Property[ODrive.Error]
vbus_voltage: Float32Property

Voltage on the DC bus as measured by the ODrive.

ibus: Float32Property

Current on the DC bus as calculated by the ODrive.

A positive value means that the ODrive is consuming power from the power supply, a negative value means that the ODrive is sourcing power to the power supply.

This value is equal to the sum of the motor currents and the brake resistor currents. The motor currents are measured, the brake resistor current is calculated based on config.brake_resistance.

ibus_report_filter_k: Float32Property

Filter gain for the reported ibus. Set to a value below 1.0 to get a smoother line when plotting ibus. Set to 1.0 to disable. This filter is only applied to the reported value and not for internal calculations.

serial_number: Uint64Property
hw_version_major: Uint8Property
hw_version_minor: Uint8Property
hw_version_variant: Uint8Property
fw_version_major: Uint8Property
fw_version_minor: Uint8Property
fw_version_revision: Uint8Property
fw_version_unreleased: Uint8Property

0 for official releases, 1 otherwise

brake_resistor_armed: BoolProperty
brake_resistor_saturated: BoolProperty
brake_resistor_current: Float32Property

Commanded brake resistor current

n_evt_sampling: Uint32Property

Number of input sampling events since startup (modulo 2^32)

n_evt_control_loop: Uint32Property

Number of control loop iterations since startup (modulo 2^32)

task_timers_armed: BoolProperty

Set by a profiling application to trigger sampling of a single control iteration. Cleared by the device as soon as the sampling is complete.

task_times: ODrive.TaskTimes
system_stats: ODrive.SystemStats
user_config_loaded: Uint32Property
misconfigured: BoolProperty

If this property is true, something is bad in the configuration. The ODrive can still be used in this state but the user should investigate which setting is problematic. This variable does not cover all misconfigurations.

Possible causes:
  • A GPIO was set to a mode that it doesn’t support

  • A GPIO was set to a mode for which the corresponding feature was not enabled. Example: GPIO_MODE_UART_A was used without enabling config.enable_uart_a.

  • A feature was enabled which is not supported on this hardware. Example: config.enable_uart_c set to true on ODrive v3.x.

  • A GPIO was used as an interrupt input for two internal components or two GPIOs that are mutually exclusive in their interrupt capability were both used as interrupt input. Example: Axis:config.step_gpio_pin of both axes were set to the same GPIO.

oscilloscope: ODrive.Oscilloscope
can: ODrive.Can
test_property: Uint32Property
otp_valid: BoolProperty
class ODrive.Error
class ODrive.TaskTimes
sampling: ODrive.TaskTimer
control_loop_misc: ODrive.TaskTimer
control_loop_checks: ODrive.TaskTimer
dc_calib_wait: ODrive.TaskTimer
class ODrive.SystemStats
uptime: Uint32Property
min_heap_space: Uint32Property
max_stack_usage_axis: Uint32Property
max_stack_usage_usb: Uint32Property
max_stack_usage_uart: Uint32Property
max_stack_usage_can: Uint32Property
max_stack_usage_startup: Uint32Property
max_stack_usage_analog: Uint32Property
stack_size_axis: Uint32Property
stack_size_usb: Uint32Property
stack_size_uart: Uint32Property
stack_size_startup: Uint32Property
stack_size_can: Uint32Property
stack_size_analog: Uint32Property
prio_axis: Int32Property
prio_usb: Int32Property
prio_uart: Int32Property
prio_startup: Int32Property
prio_can: Int32Property
prio_analog: Int32Property
usb: ODrive.SystemStats.Usb
i2c: ODrive.SystemStats.I2C
class ODrive.Config
enable_uart_a: BoolProperty

Enables/disables UART_A.

You also need to set the corresponding GPIOs to GPIO_MODE_UART_A. Refer to [interfaces](interfaces.md) to see which pins support UART_A. Changing this requires a reboot.

enable_uart_b: BoolProperty

Enables/disables UART_B.

You also need to set the corresponding GPIOs to GPIO_MODE_UART_B. Refer to [interfaces](interfaces.md) to see which pins support UART_B. Changing this requires a reboot.

enable_uart_c: BoolProperty

Not supported on ODrive v3.x.

uart_a_baudrate: Uint32Property

Defines the baudrate used on the UART interface.

Some baudrates will have a small timing error due to hardware limitations.

Here’s an (incomplete) list of baudrates for ODrive v3.x:



Error [%]

1.2 KBps

1.2 KBps


2.4 KBps

2.4 KBps


9.6 KBps

9.6 KBps


19.2 KBps

19.195 KBps


38.4 KBps

38.391 KBps


57.6 KBps

57.613 KBps


115.2 KBps

115.068 KBps


230.4 KBps

230.769 KBps


460.8 KBps

461.538 KBps


921.6 KBps

913.043 KBps


1.792 MBps

1.826 MBps


1.8432 MBps

1.826 MBps


For more information refer to Section 30.3.4 and Table 142 (the column with f_PCLK = 42 MHz) in the STM datasheet.

uart_b_baudrate: Uint32Property

Defines the baudrate used on the UART interface.

See uart_a_baudrate for details.

uart_c_baudrate: Uint32Property

Not supported on ODrive v3.x.

enable_can_a: BoolProperty

Enables CAN. Changing this setting requires a reboot.

enable_i2c_a: BoolProperty

Enables I2C. The I2C pins on ODrive v3.x are in conflict with CAN. This setting has no effect if enable_can_a is also true. This setting has no effect on ODrive v3.2 or earlier. Changing this setting requires a reboot.

usb_cdc_protocol: Property[ODrive.StreamProtocolType]

The protocol that’s being run on the device’s virtual COM port on USB. Note that the ODrive has two independent interfaces on USB: One is the virtual COM port (affected by this option) and the other one is a vendor specific interface which always runs Fibre. So changing this option does not affect the working of odrivetool.

uart0_protocol: Property[ODrive.StreamProtocolType]
uart1_protocol: Property[ODrive.StreamProtocolType]
uart2_protocol: Property[ODrive.StreamProtocolType]
max_regen_current: Float32Property

The bus current allowed to flow back to the power supply before the brake resistor module will start shunting current.

brake_resistance: Float32Property

Value of the brake resistor connected to the ODrive.

If you set this to a lower value than the true brake resistance then the ODrive will not meed the max_regen_current constraint during braking, that is it will sink more than max_regen_current into the power supply. Some power supplies don’t like this.

If you set this to a higher value than the true brake resistance then the ODrive will unnecessarily burn more power than required during braking.

enable_brake_resistor: BoolProperty

Enable/disable the use of a brake resistor.

Setting this to False even though a brake resistor is connected is harmless. Setting this to True even though no brake resistor is connected can break the power supply. Changes to this value require a reboot to take effect.

dc_bus_undervoltage_trip_level: Float32Property

Minimum voltage below which the motor stops operating.

dc_bus_overvoltage_trip_level: Float32Property

Maximum voltage above which the motor stops operating.

This protects against cases in which the power supply fails to dissipate the brake power if the brake resistor is disabled. The default is 26V for the 24V board version and 52V for the 48V board version.

enable_dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp: BoolProperty

Enables the DC bus overvoltage ramp feature.

If enabled, if the measured DC voltage exceeds dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp_start, the ODrive will sink more power than usual into the the brake resistor in an attempt to bring the voltage down again.

The brake duty cycle is increased by the following amount:

  • ODrive:vbus_voltage == dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp_start => brake_duty_cycle += 0%

  • ODrive:vbus_voltage == dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp_end => brake_duty_cycle += 100%

  • This feature is active even when all motors are disarmed.

  • This feature is disabled if brake_resistance is non-positive.

dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp_start: Float32Property

See enable_dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp.

Do not set this lower than your usual ODrive:vbus_voltage, unless you like fried brake resistors.

dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp_end: Float32Property

See enable_dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp.

Must be larger than dc_bus_overvoltage_ramp_start, otherwise the ramp feature is disabled.

dc_max_positive_current: Float32Property

Max current the power supply can source.

dc_max_negative_current: Float32Property

Max current the power supply can sink.

You most likely want a non-positive value here. Set to -INFINITY to disable. Note: This should be greater in magnitude than max_regen_current

error_gpio_pin: Uint32Property
gpio3_analog_mapping: ODrive.Endpoint

Make sure the corresponding GPIO is in GPIO_MODE_ANALOG_IN.

gpio4_analog_mapping: ODrive.Endpoint

Make sure the corresponding GPIO is in GPIO_MODE_ANALOG_IN.

class ODrive.Can
error: Property[ODrive.Can.Error]
config: ODrive.Can.Config
class ODrive.Endpoint
endpoint: EndpointRefProperty
min: Float32Property
max: Float32Property
class ODrive.Axis

Feed the watchdog to prevent watchdog timeouts.

error: Property[ODrive.Axis.Error]
step_dir_active: BoolProperty
last_drv_fault: Uint32Property
steps: Int64Property

The current commanded position, in steps, while in step_dir mode

current_state: Property[ODrive.Axis.AxisState]

The current state of the axis

requested_state: Property[ODrive.Axis.AxisState]

The user’s commanded axis state

This is used to command the axis to change state or perform certain routines. Values input here will be “consumed” and queued by the state machine handler. Thus, reading this value back will usually show UNDEFINED (0).

is_homed: BoolProperty

Whether or not the axis has been successfully homed.

config: ODrive.Axis.Config
motor: ODrive.Motor
controller: ODrive.Controller
encoder: ODrive.Encoder
acim_estimator: ODrive.AcimEstimator
sensorless_estimator: ODrive.SensorlessEstimator
trap_traj: ODrive.TrapezoidalTrajectory
min_endstop: ODrive.Endstop
max_endstop: ODrive.Endstop
mechanical_brake: ODrive.MechanicalBrake
task_times: ODrive.Axis.TaskTimes
class ODrive.ThermistorCurrentLimiter
class ODrive.OnboardThermistorCurrentLimiter
temperature: Float32Property
config: ODrive.OnboardThermistorCurrentLimiter.Config
class ODrive.OffboardThermistorCurrentLimiter
temperature: Float32Property
config: ODrive.OffboardThermistorCurrentLimiter.Config
class ODrive.Motor
last_error_time: Float32Property
error: Property[ODrive.Motor.Error]
is_armed: BoolProperty
is_calibrated: BoolProperty
current_meas_phA: Float32Property
current_meas_phB: Float32Property
current_meas_phC: Float32Property
DC_calib_phA: Float32Property
DC_calib_phB: Float32Property
DC_calib_phC: Float32Property
I_bus: Float32Property

The current in the ODrive DC bus. This is also the current seen by the power supply in most systems.

phase_current_rev_gain: Float32Property
effective_current_lim: Float32Property

This value is the internally-limited value of phase current allowed according to the set current limit and the FET and Motor thermistor limits.

max_allowed_current: Float32Property

Indicates the maximum current that can be measured by the current sensors in the current hardware configuration. This value depends on config.requested_current_range.

max_dc_calib: Float32Property
fet_thermistor: ODrive.OnboardThermistorCurrentLimiter
motor_thermistor: ODrive.OffboardThermistorCurrentLimiter
current_control: ODrive.Motor.CurrentControl
n_evt_current_measurement: Uint32Property

Number of current measurement events since startup (modulo 2^32)

n_evt_pwm_update: Uint32Property

Number of PWM update events since startup (modulo 2^32)

config: ODrive.Motor.Config
class ODrive.Oscilloscope
get_val(index) float

index (int) –

size: Uint32Property
class ODrive.AcimEstimator
rotor_flux: Float32Property

estimated magnitude of the rotor flux

slip_vel: Float32Property

estimated slip between physical and electrical angular velocity}

phase_offset: Float32Property

estimate offset between physical and electrical angular position}

stator_phase_vel: Float32Property

calculated setpoint for the electrical velocity}

stator_phase: Float32Property

calculated setpoint for the electrical phase}

config: ODrive.AcimEstimator.Config
class ODrive.Controller
move_incremental(displacement, from_input_pos)

Moves the axes’ goal point by a specified increment.

  • displacement (float) – The desired position change.

  • from_input_pos (bool) – If true, the increment is applied relative to input_pos. If false, the increment is applied relative to pos_setpoint, which usually corresponds roughly to the current position of the axis.

error: Property[ODrive.Controller.Error]
last_error_time: Float32Property
input_pos: Float32Property

Set the desired position of the axis. Only valid in CONTROL_MODE_POSITION_CONTROL.startup. In INPUT_MODE_TUNING, this acts as a DC offset for the position sine wave.

input_vel: Float32Property

In CONTROL_MODE_VELOCITY_CONTROL, sets the desired velocity of the axis. In CONTROL_MODE_POSITION_CONTROL, sets the feed-forward velocity of the velocity controller In INPUT_MODE_TUNING, this acts as a DC offset for the velocity sine wave.

input_torque: Float32Property

In CONTROL_MODE_TORQUE_CONTROL, sets the desired output torque of the axis. In CONTROL_MODE_VELOCITY_CONTROL and CONTROL_MODE_POSITION_CONTROL, sets the feed-forward torque of the torque controller. In INPUT_MODE_TUNING, this acts as a DC offset for the torque sine wave.

pos_setpoint: Float32Property

The position reference actually being used by the position controller. This is the same as input_pos in INPUT_MODE_PASSTHROUGH, but may vary according to InputMode.

vel_setpoint: Float32Property

The velocity reference actually being used by the velocity controller. This is the same as input_vel in INPUT_MODE_PASSTHROUGH, but may vary according to InputMode.

torque_setpoint: Float32Property

The torque reference actually being used by the torque controller. This is the same as input_vel in INPUT_MODE_PASSTHROUGH, but may vary according to InputMode.

trajectory_done: BoolProperty

Indicates the last commanded Trapezoidal Trajectory movement is complete.

vel_integrator_torque: Float32Property

The accumulated value of the velocity loop integrator

anticogging_valid: BoolProperty
autotuning_phase: Float32Property

The current phase angle of the INPUT_MODE_TUNING sine wave generator

config: ODrive.Controller.Config
autotuning: ODrive.Controller.Autotuning

Automatically generate sine waves for frequency-domain response tuning

mechanical_power: Float32Property

Mechanical power estimate. Torque * velocity

electrical_power: Float32Property

Electrical power estimate. Vdq·Idq

class ODrive.Encoder

Set the current linear position of the axis, in counts


count (int) –

error: Property[ODrive.Encoder.Error]
is_ready: BoolProperty
index_found: BoolProperty
shadow_count: Int32Property

Raw linear count from the encoder.

count_in_cpr: Int32Property

Raw circular count from the encoder on [0, cpr)

interpolation: Float32Property
phase: Float32Property
pos_estimate: Float32Property

Linear position estimate of the encoder, in turns. Also known as “multi-turn” position.

pos_estimate_counts: Float32Property

Linear position estimate of the encoder, in counts. Equal to pos_estimate * config.cpr

pos_circular: Float32Property

Circular position estimate of the encoder, as a decimal from [0, 1). Also known as “single-turn” position.

pos_cpr_counts: Float32Property

Circular position estimate of the encoder, on the space [0, cpr).

delta_pos_cpr_counts: Float32Property

Circular position delta of the encoder in the most recent loop. Primarily for debug purposes, it indicates much the encoder changed since the last time it was checked.

hall_state: Uint8Property
vel_estimate: Float32Property

Estimate of the linear velocity of an axis in turn/s

vel_estimate_counts: Float32Property

Estimate of the linear velocity of an axis, in counts/s.

calib_scan_response: Float32Property
pos_abs: Int32Property

The last (valid) position from an absolute encoder, if used.

spi_error_rate: Float32Property
config: ODrive.Encoder.Config
class ODrive.SensorlessEstimator
error: Property[ODrive.SensorlessEstimator.Error]
phase: Float32Property
pll_pos: Float32Property
phase_vel: Float32Property
vel_estimate: Float32Property
config: ODrive.SensorlessEstimator.Config
class ODrive.TrapezoidalTrajectory
config: ODrive.TrapezoidalTrajectory.Config
class ODrive.Endstop
endstop_state: BoolProperty
config: ODrive.Endstop.Config
class ODrive.MechanicalBrake

This function engages the mechanical brake if one is present and enabled.


This function releases the mecahncal brake if one is present and enabled.

config: ODrive.MechanicalBrake.Config
class ODrive.TaskTimer
start_time: Uint32Property
end_time: Uint32Property
length: Uint32Property
max_length: Uint32Property
class ODrive.GpioMode
DIGITAL = 0 (0x0)
ANALOG_IN = 3 (0x3)
UART_A = 4 (0x4)
UART_B = 5 (0x5)
UART_C = 6 (0x6)
CAN_A = 7 (0x7)
I2C_A = 8 (0x8)
SPI_A = 9 (0x9)
PWM = 10 (0xA)
ENC0 = 11 (0xB)
ENC1 = 12 (0xC)
ENC2 = 13 (0xD)
MECH_BRAKE = 14 (0xE)
STATUS = 15 (0xF)
class ODrive.StreamProtocolType
Fibre = 0 (0x0)
Ascii = 1 (0x1)
Stdout = 2 (0x2)
AsciiAndStdout = 3 (0x3)
class ODrive.SystemStats.Usb
rx_cnt: Uint32Property
tx_cnt: Uint32Property
tx_overrun_cnt: Uint32Property
class ODrive.SystemStats.I2C
addr: Uint8Property
addr_match_cnt: Uint32Property
rx_cnt: Uint32Property
error_cnt: Uint32Property
class ODrive.Can.Error
class ODrive.Can.Config
baud_rate: Uint32Property
protocol: Property[ODrive.Can.Protocol]
class ODrive.Can.Protocol
SIMPLE = 1 (0x1)
class ODrive.Axis.Error
MIN_ENDSTOP_PRESSED = 4096 (0x1000)
MAX_ENDSTOP_PRESSED = 8192 (0x2000)
ESTOP_REQUESTED = 16384 (0x4000)
HOMING_WITHOUT_ENDSTOP = 131072 (0x20000)
OVER_TEMP = 262144 (0x40000)
UNKNOWN_POSITION = 524288 (0x80000)
class ODrive.Axis.Config
startup_motor_calibration: BoolProperty

Run motor calibration at startup, skip otherwise

Run encoder index search after startup, skip otherwise this only has an effect if encoder.config.use_index is also true

startup_encoder_offset_calibration: BoolProperty

Run encoder offset calibration after startup, skip otherwise

startup_closed_loop_control: BoolProperty

Enable closed loop control after calibration/startup

startup_homing: BoolProperty

Enable homing after calibration/startup

enable_step_dir: BoolProperty

Enable step/dir input after calibration. Make sure to set the corresponding GPIO’s mode to GPIO_MODE_DIGITAL.

step_dir_always_on: BoolProperty

Keep step/dir enabled while the motor is disabled. This is ignored if enable_step_dir is false. This setting only takes effect on a state transition into idle or out of closed loop control.

enable_sensorless_mode: BoolProperty
watchdog_timeout: Float32Property
enable_watchdog: BoolProperty
step_gpio_pin: Uint16Property
dir_gpio_pin: Uint16Property
calibration_lockin: ODrive.Axis.Config.CalibrationLockin
sensorless_ramp: ODrive.Axis.LockinConfig
general_lockin: ODrive.Axis.LockinConfig
can: ODrive.Axis.CanConfig
class ODrive.Axis.TaskTimes
thermistor_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
encoder_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
sensorless_estimator_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
endstop_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
can_heartbeat: ODrive.TaskTimer
controller_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
open_loop_controller_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
acim_estimator_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
motor_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
current_controller_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
dc_calib: ODrive.TaskTimer
current_sense: ODrive.TaskTimer
pwm_update: ODrive.TaskTimer
class ODrive.Axis.LockinConfig
current: Float32Property
ramp_time: Float32Property
ramp_distance: Float32Property
accel: Float32Property
vel: Float32Property
finish_distance: Float32Property
finish_on_vel: BoolProperty
finish_on_distance: BoolProperty
finish_on_enc_idx: BoolProperty
class ODrive.Axis.CanConfig
node_id: Uint32Property
is_extended: BoolProperty
heartbeat_rate_ms: Uint32Property
encoder_rate_ms: Uint32Property
class ODrive.Axis.AxisState
UNDEFINED = 0 (0x0)
IDLE = 1 (0x1)
LOCKIN_SPIN = 9 (0x9)
HOMING = 11 (0xB)
class ODrive.Axis.Config.CalibrationLockin
current: Float32Property
ramp_time: Float32Property
ramp_distance: Float32Property
accel: Float32Property
vel: Float32Property
class ODrive.OnboardThermistorCurrentLimiter.Config
temp_limit_lower: Float32Property

The lower limit when the controller starts limiting current.

temp_limit_upper: Float32Property

The upper limit when current limit reaches 0 Amps and an over temperature error is triggered.

enabled: BoolProperty

Whether this thermistor is enabled.

class ODrive.OffboardThermistorCurrentLimiter.Config
gpio_pin: Uint16Property
poly_coefficient_0: Float32Property
poly_coefficient_1: Float32Property
poly_coefficient_2: Float32Property
poly_coefficient_3: Float32Property
temp_limit_lower: Float32Property

The lower limit when the controller starts limiting current.

temp_limit_upper: Float32Property

The upper limit when current limit reaches 0 Amps and an over temperature error is triggered.

enabled: BoolProperty

Whether this thermistor is enabled.

class ODrive.Motor.Error
DRV_FAULT = 8 (0x8)
MODULATION_IS_NAN = 65536 (0x10000)
FET_THERMISTOR_OVER_TEMP = 262144 (0x40000)
TIMER_UPDATE_MISSED = 524288 (0x80000)
CONTROLLER_FAILED = 2097152 (0x200000)
I_BUS_OUT_OF_RANGE = 4194304 (0x400000)
BRAKE_RESISTOR_DISARMED = 8388608 (0x800000)
SYSTEM_LEVEL = 16777216 (0x1000000)
BAD_TIMING = 33554432 (0x2000000)
UNKNOWN_PHASE_ESTIMATE = 67108864 (0x4000000)
UNKNOWN_PHASE_VEL = 134217728 (0x8000000)
UNKNOWN_TORQUE = 268435456 (0x10000000)
UNKNOWN_CURRENT_COMMAND = 536870912 (0x20000000)
UNKNOWN_CURRENT_MEASUREMENT = 1073741824 (0x40000000)
UNKNOWN_VBUS_VOLTAGE = 2147483648 (0x80000000)
UNKNOWN_VOLTAGE_COMMAND = 4294967296 (0x100000000)
UNKNOWN_GAINS = 8589934592 (0x200000000)
CONTROLLER_INITIALIZING = 17179869184 (0x400000000)
UNBALANCED_PHASES = 34359738368 (0x800000000)
class ODrive.Motor.CurrentControl
p_gain: Float32Property
i_gain: Float32Property
I_measured_report_filter_k: Float32Property
Id_setpoint: Float32Property
Iq_setpoint: Float32Property
Vd_setpoint: Float32Property
Vq_setpoint: Float32Property
phase: Float32Property
phase_vel: Float32Property
Ialpha_measured: Float32Property
Ibeta_measured: Float32Property
Id_measured: Float32Property

The phase current measured along the “d” axis in the FOC control loop. This should be close to 0 for typical surface permanent magnet motors.

Iq_measured: Float32Property

The phase current measured along the “q” axis in the FOC control loop. This is the torque-generating current, so motor torque is approx. torque_constant * Iq_measured

power: Float32Property

The electrical power being delivered to the motor

v_current_control_integral_d: Float32Property
v_current_control_integral_q: Float32Property
final_v_alpha: Float32Property
final_v_beta: Float32Property
class ODrive.Motor.Config
pre_calibrated: BoolProperty

Indicates to the ODrive that the parameters config.phase_resistance and config.phase_inductance are valid at system start. If these are valid and pre_calibrated is set to True, motor calibration can be skipped.

pole_pairs: Int32Property

The number of pole pairs in the motor. Note this is equal to 1/2 of the number of magnets (not coils!) in a typical hobby motor.

calibration_current: Float32Property

The current used to measure resistance during AXIS_STATE_MOTOR_CALIBRATION.

resistance_calib_max_voltage: Float32Property

The maximum voltage allowed during AXIS_STATE_MOTOR_CALIBRATION. This should be set to less than (0.5 * vbus_voltage), but high enough to satisfy V=IR during motor calibration, where I is config.calibration_current and R is config.phase_resistance

phase_inductance: Float32Property
phase_resistance: Float32Property
torque_constant: Float32Property
motor_type: Property[ODrive.Motor.MotorType]
current_lim: Float32Property

Maximum commanded current allowed

current_lim_margin: Float32Property

Maximum measured current allowed above current_lim. Any value above current_lim + curren_lim_margin will throw a CURRENT_LIMIT_VIOLATION error.

torque_lim: Float32Property

Maximum commanded torque allowed in the torque loop.

inverter_temp_limit_lower: Float32Property

Not implemented.

inverter_temp_limit_upper: Float32Property

Not implemented.

requested_current_range: Float32Property

The minimum phase current range expected to be measured. This is used to set the current shunt amplifier gains. This should be set > current_lim + curren_lim_margin, but as low as possible to maximize precision and accuracy of the controller.

current_control_bandwidth: Float32Property

Sets the PI gains of the Q and D axis FOC control according to phase_resistance and phase_inductance to create a critically-damped controller with a -3dB bandwidth at this frequency.

acim_gain_min_flux: Float32Property
acim_autoflux_min_Id: Float32Property
acim_autoflux_enable: BoolProperty
acim_autoflux_attack_gain: Float32Property
acim_autoflux_decay_gain: Float32Property
R_wL_FF_enable: BoolProperty

Enables automatic feedforward of the R*wL term in the current controller.

bEMF_FF_enable: BoolProperty

Enables automatic feedforward of the bEMF term in the current controller.

I_bus_hard_min: Float32Property

If the controller fails to keep this motor’s DC current (ODrive.Motor:I_bus) above this value the motor gets disarmed immediately. Most likely you want a negative value here. Set to -inf to disable. Take noise into account when chosing a value.

I_bus_hard_max: Float32Property

If the controller fails to keep this motor’s DC current (ODrive.Motor:I_bus) below this value the motor gets disarmed immediately. Usually this is set in conjunction with I_bus_hard_min. Set to inf to disable. Take noise into account when chosing a value.

I_leak_max: Float32Property

In almost all scenarios, the currents on phase A, B and C should add up to zero. A small amount of measurement noise is expected. However if the sum of A, B, C currents exceeds this configuration value, the motor gets disarmed immediately.

Note that this feature is only works on devices with three current sensors (e.g. ODrive v4).

dc_calib_tau: Float32Property
class ODrive.Motor.MotorType
HIGH_CURRENT = 0 (0x0)
GIMBAL = 2 (0x2)
ACIM = 3 (0x3)
class ODrive.AcimEstimator.Config
slip_velocity: Float32Property
class ODrive.Controller.Error
OVERSPEED = 1 (0x1)
class ODrive.Controller.Config
gain_scheduling_width: Float32Property
enable_vel_limit: BoolProperty
enable_torque_mode_vel_limit: BoolProperty

Enable velocity limit in torque control mode (requires a valid velocity estimator).

enable_gain_scheduling: BoolProperty

Enable the experimental “gain scheduling” module, which reduces the pos_gain, vel_gain, and vel_integrator_gain according to the position error. Also known as “anti-hunt”

enable_overspeed_error: BoolProperty

Enables the velocity controller’s overspeed error

control_mode: Property[ODrive.Controller.ControlMode]
input_mode: Property[ODrive.Controller.InputMode]
pos_gain: Float32Property

units = (turn/s) / turn

vel_gain: Float32Property

units = N·m / (turn/s)

vel_integrator_gain: Float32Property

units = N·m / (turn/s * s)

vel_integrator_limit: Float32Property

Limit the integrator output (independent of proportional gain output). Set to infinity to disable. Units = N·m

vel_limit: Float32Property

Infinity to disable.

vel_limit_tolerance: Float32Property

Ratio to vel_limit. Infinity to disable.

vel_ramp_rate: Float32Property
torque_ramp_rate: Float32Property
circular_setpoints: BoolProperty
circular_setpoint_range: Float32Property

circular range in [turns] for position setpoints when circular_setpoints is True

steps_per_circular_range: Int32Property

Number of steps within the circular setpoint range. Set this and the circular setpoint range to powers of 2 for the best results.

homing_speed: Float32Property

The speed at which the axis moves towards the min_endstop during AXIS_STATE_HOMING

inertia: Float32Property
axis_to_mirror: Uint8Property

The axis used for mirroring when in INPUT_MODE_MIRROR

mirror_ratio: Float32Property

The ratio applied to position and velocity movements of the mirrored axis. To reverse movements, use a negative value

torque_mirror_ratio: Float32Property

The ratio applied to torque values of the mirrored axis.

load_encoder_axis: Uint8Property

Default depends on Axis number and is set in load_configuration()

input_filter_bandwidth: Float32Property

The desired bandwidth for INPUT_MODE_POS_FILTER.

Sets the position filter’s P and I gains to emulate a critically-damped 2nd order mass-spring-damper motion.

anticogging: ODrive.Controller.Config.Anticogging
mechanical_power_bandwidth: Float32Property

Bandwidth for mechanical power estimate. Used for spinout detection

electrical_power_bandwidth: Float32Property

Bandwidth for electrical power estimate. Used for spinout detection. Dot product of Vdq and Idq

spinout_mechanical_power_threshold: Float32Property

Mechanical power threshold for spinout detection. This should be a negative value

spinout_electrical_power_threshold: Float32Property

Electrical power threshold for spinout detection. This should be a positive value

class ODrive.Controller.Autotuning
frequency: Float32Property
pos_amplitude: Float32Property
vel_amplitude: Float32Property
torque_amplitude: Float32Property
class ODrive.Controller.ControlMode
class ODrive.Controller.InputMode
INACTIVE = 0 (0x0)
VEL_RAMP = 2 (0x2)
POS_FILTER = 3 (0x3)
MIX_CHANNELS = 4 (0x4)
TRAP_TRAJ = 5 (0x5)
TORQUE_RAMP = 6 (0x6)
MIRROR = 7 (0x7)
TUNING = 8 (0x8)
class ODrive.Controller.Config.Anticogging
index: Uint32Property
pre_calibrated: BoolProperty
calib_anticogging: BoolProperty
calib_pos_threshold: Float32Property
calib_vel_threshold: Float32Property
cogging_ratio: Float32Property
anticogging_enabled: BoolProperty
class ODrive.Encoder.Error
NO_RESPONSE = 4 (0x4)
ABS_SPI_TIMEOUT = 64 (0x40)
ABS_SPI_COM_FAIL = 128 (0x80)
ABS_SPI_NOT_READY = 256 (0x100)
class ODrive.Encoder.Config
mode: Property[ODrive.Encoder.Mode]
use_index: BoolProperty

Set this to True when using an encoder with an index pin to allow pre-calibration of the encoder and encoder index search.

index_offset: Float32Property

When the index is found, the linear position of the axis will be set to this value if use_index_offset is set to True.

use_index_offset: BoolProperty

Set this to True to have the axis set the linear position of the axis to index_offset when the index is found during encoder index search

find_idx_on_lockin_only: BoolProperty
abs_spi_cs_gpio_pin: Uint16Property

Make sure that the GPIO is in GPIO_MODE_DIGITAL.

cpr: Int32Property

Counts per Revolution of the encoder. This is 4x the Pulses per Revolution.

phase_offset: Int32Property
phase_offset_float: Float32Property
direction: Int32Property
pre_calibrated: BoolProperty
enable_phase_interpolation: BoolProperty
bandwidth: Float32Property
calib_range: Float32Property

The error threshold for encoder offset calibration, in turns. If the

calib_scan_distance: Float32Property

The distance the motor is turned during encoder offset calibration. This is in the electrical frame, so if you want a 7pp motor to turn 1 mechanical revolution, you would put (7 * 2*pi)

calib_scan_omega: Float32Property

The speed the motor turns during encoder offset calibration. This is in the electrical frame, so a 7pp motor rotating 1 mechanical revolution in 2 sec would be set to (7 * 2*pi) / 2

ignore_illegal_hall_state: BoolProperty

Ignore the error “Illegal Hall State”

hall_polarity: Uint8Property
hall_polarity_calibrated: BoolProperty
sincos_gpio_pin_sin: Uint16Property

Analog sine signal of a sin/cos encoder. The corresponding GPIO must be in GPIO_MODE_ANALOG_IN.

sincos_gpio_pin_cos: Uint16Property

Analog cosine signal of a sin/cos encoder. The corresponding GPIO must be in GPIO_MODE_ANALOG_IN.

class ODrive.Encoder.Mode
HALL = 1 (0x1)
SINCOS = 2 (0x2)
SPI_ABS_CUI = 256 (0x100)
SPI_ABS_AMS = 257 (0x101)
SPI_ABS_AEAT = 258 (0x102)
SPI_ABS_RLS = 259 (0x103)
SPI_ABS_MA732 = 260 (0x104)
class ODrive.SensorlessEstimator.Error
class ODrive.SensorlessEstimator.Config
observer_gain: Float32Property
pll_bandwidth: Float32Property
pm_flux_linkage: Float32Property
class ODrive.TrapezoidalTrajectory.Config
vel_limit: Float32Property
accel_limit: Float32Property
decel_limit: Float32Property
class ODrive.Endstop.Config
gpio_num: Uint16Property

Make sure the corresponding GPIO is in GPIO_MODE_DIGITAL.

enabled: BoolProperty
offset: Float32Property
is_active_high: BoolProperty
debounce_ms: Uint32Property
class ODrive.MechanicalBrake.Config
gpio_num: Uint16Property
is_active_low: BoolProperty